Our Values

  • To support clients faithfully and with professional responsibility.
  • To respect confidential information obtained from employer and candidate.
  • Give employer complete and accurate information on each candidate(s) qualifications and experience.
  • To treat candidate(s) objectively, responsibly, confidentially.
  • To arrange interviews only with the prior approval of the client.
  • Not to solicit a candidate who is still in the employ of a client with whom Executive Staffing Consultant has placed him/her.
  • To refrain from conduct, practices, or statements likely to discredit clients, candidates or fellow consultants.

Executive Staffing Consultant goes over and above simply finding the suitable individual or qualified candidate. They recommend the right team member; an individual who not only excels at the job requirements, but adds depth and personality to the entire team. This added dimension of “suitable” is one that few agencies spend sufficient time identifying.